At MMP-MD patients are more than just a filled prescription. Our entire process has been specifically manufactured to allow patients to not only join the program efficiently, but to feel comfortable and confident while doing so. For this reason our initial office visit is unique:

  • Dr. Bellavia will assess the patient for program eligibility
  • Patients will be educated on the different strains and methods available to them
  • Information on the dispensaries will be given out
  • The rules and regulations will be outlined

Beyond the initial appointment we will continue to ensure that you are at ease with the program.

  • Renewal appointments will also serve as a check up on your progress with the program
  • Issues or concerns will be documented and resolved swiftly
  • Suggestions for improvement will be made
  • Calling the office is encouraged. Do not wait until the next appointment

MMP-MD strives to be as available as possible for our patients. Along with phone calls and in office visits we also have Telemedicine available. Through downloading an app patients can speak with the doctor and coordinators face to face in the comfort of their own home. If this is of interest to you as a patient, please inquire about Telemedicine at any point through any of the available means.